New Works

Rory with a Bow Tie   Pen and marker.   2019

Dogs 6   Pen and marker.   2019

Dogs 5  Pen and marker.  2019

Painter's Prayer.  Mixed media.  2019

Tiger 5   Acrylic on canvas panel.  2019

Teal Bird   Acrylic on found object.  2019.

I Am Not a Trophy 2   Pen and marker on Bristol board.   2018

I Am Not a Trophy   Acrylic on canvas panel.   2018

So Much More.   Acrylic on gesso board.   2018

Addison.   Acrylic on gesso board.   2018
Vinnie   Acrylic on canvas panel.   2018
Frederick   Acrylic on found object.   2017

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