Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Rest of the Year in Review

     So obviously, I haven't been keeping my blog up to date, but here's a quick summary of the rest of this year's shows.  Starting in July, I participated in Waterfire Sharon.  It was a beautiful day and I had a great location as well as some new equipment.  I got to see some of my Sharon artist friends and find some new homes for some of my art and crafts.  Here's a look at my setup for "Beach Bash."

The view down the street.

My teal bunny was all decked out and a big hit with the crowd.

Unlike past years when I've only done the July Waterfire, this year I did the September event as well.  The theme was "80s to the Max."

     In November, I had some holiday shows including one at the Zem Zem Temple in Erie and one at the East Erie Moose Club.  

     In December, I once again participated in the Holiday Art Market in Sharon and it was one of my best shows of the year!  My friend Christine was able to join me and we had a great time at the Landing.


My Pittsburgh-themed ornaments were my best sellers!

     So as another year draws to a close, I'm thankful for everyone who's joined me on this journey.  I'm always experimenting and trying to find my niche and better ways to do things.  I still have a lot to learn about the creative industry, but with all the support from awesome people like you, it's bound to pay off soon.  Thank you and see you in 2020!

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