Friday, July 19, 2019

Hermitage Arts Festival 2019

    I spent all last weekend at one of my most favorite festivals, the Hermitage Arts Festival.  Held in Rodney White Park, this year's festival featured about 45 vendors as well as a 5K race, live music, fireworks, a dog costume contest, and kids crafts.  As usual, it was a wonderful atmosphere and the staff and volunteers did an awesome job! 

I have some of my bird wall ornaments back for the summer!

Saturday night features a fireworks display in the field by Hickory High School.

My teal bunny is a big hit with the crowd!

One of the great things about a two day festival is the the opportunity to try a couple different display arrangements!

Another view of my "gallery."

Here's a shot of me and my booth taken by some fellow guild members in the booth next door.

I spent part of Sunday working on some new butterfly ornaments.

This year, I was on the side of the park closer to the stage so I could hear the music a lot better which was nice!  This is a shot of the local community band.  

Here's a view of the entrance from the food court area.

Finally, here's where kids can come and paint and participate in some art activities.

Well, there could be some changes coming.  Word is the location may be changed to Buhl Park.  I don't know if that is good or bad, but I'm still excited for next year.  You can find me next at Waterfire in Sharon on July 27!