Sunday, July 22, 2018

Waterfire 2018

For the fourth year in row, I was a vendor at Waterfire Sharon.  It's a festival that's held three times a year during the summer and, not just in Sharon, but in several other cities worldwide.  I'm not sure what all their festivities entail, but in Sharon they close off several streets and line them with artists and crafts vendors.  Live music can also be heard from stages scattered throughout downtown.  

Each date has its own theme.  July 21st's theme was Magical Moments.

It was pretty windy during setup and, at times, some stormy-looking clouds rolled in, but we were lucky the rain held off and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

With all the wind, we had to improvise and make some modifications to our booths.  All my weights came in handy and I used some duct tape and clamps to secure some of my other things.

Visitors were encouraged to write their own "magical moments" on a large dry erase board.

I finally got a chance to use my new string lights.  What do you think of the blue?

I was able to run over and snap a few photos of the fires on the Shenango River.

     As the fires died down and the crowds thinned, it was time to pack up and get things ready for my next adventure TBA!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

In the Garden

      For a number of years, Campbell Pottery in Cambridge Springs has held a juried art show in its Stonewall Gallery.  It was part of the Lily Festival and featured a variety of lily-themed artwork.  A few years ago, it changed into In the Garden and now features art for and about the garden.  This year, it was exciting to have two of my photographs accepted.  (Yay!)  I stopped by today after work to check it out. There were pieces made with fiber, alcohol ink, watercolor, oil, and more.  It was a really nice show with a lot of talented local artists! 
If you get the chance, stop by and see this show.  It's up through July 29th!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Hermitage Arts Festival 2018

     This past weekend, I got to spend both days at one of my favorite arts festivals.  This was my third time as a vendor at the Hermitage Arts Festival and, as usual, the organizers made us feel more than welcome.  It was a very hot and very humid weekend and the cold bottled water that the volunteers delivered throughout the day was life.  Unfortunately, all this heat kept too many people from enjoying this awesome event.  But despite the turnout, there was still a lot to love!

     Not only were there plenty of fabulous artisans, a variety of musical acts performed both days. 

     Every show I do is another opportunity to improve on my presentation and the way I layout my booth.  Two days meant two new arrangements to try.  

     I got a new show shirt!  I ordered this custom tie-dyed t-shirt from a fellow Artiegras alumni and owner of Sugar Magnolia Merchandise in Sharon.  She does some amazing designs!  I needed a shamrock one, of course.

      I had some time to work on a drawing and demonstrate my marker technique.

     Every show is also an opportunity to meet some new artist friends and meet up with some old ones.

     At the end of the first day, there was a wonderful fireworks show for the community.  My next stop is Waterfire Sharon on Saturday.  I hope to see you there!!!