Saturday, May 12, 2018

RAA Starving Artist Sale!

     Last Saturday, I spent the day at the Random Acts of Artists' Starving Artist Sale.  It was held at Cravings, a local ice cream shop, and it offered free vendor space to artists to show and sell their work which had to be priced less than $60.  It was a great opportunity to clear out some older work and make room for the new stuff! 

     Also inside Cravings, RAA celebrated the opening of their new gallery and art emporium with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  The emporium will sell the art and gifts of featured members for six month periods.

   I usually like to have a project to work on while I sit at my booth.  This is the template for my painting "I Am Not a Trophy" that I decided to color in with markers.  I like to demonstrate my techniques hoping people will better understand and appreciate the art-making process.

Of course, with the event being held in an ice shop, I had to get some!  This is my newest addiction, Coconut Chip!

Seamus the Wonder Penguin supports the arts!

     One of the other artists was an illustrator who also happened to be a writer for The Simpsons!  He and his wife were selling comic books and he was kind enough to give me an autographed copy along with some encouragement.  I absolutely love how supportive the creative community is to one another!

     Speaking of support, a coworker from another location stopped by and bought one of my drawings.  A lily for Lily!

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