Friday, February 2, 2018

Art IRL: Healing Hearts Valentines

     When I was little, one of my favorite things to do at school was make and decorate stuff.  It was always great when the holidays came around because there would be all sorts of fun crafts to make.  We may have passed out store bought Valentine's Day cards, but we got to make the boxes that they would go in.  There were some pretty elaborate ones...  masterpieces of glue, glitter, and construction paper.  Anyway, a local Christian radio station has been doing a Valentine's project the last couple of years called "Healing Hearts Valentines."  They collect cards that people make and distribute them to nursing homes, senior centers, hospitals, and anywhere they're needed.  This year, I decided to take part after having so much fun with my local Rising Tide group writing Christmas cards.  My inspiration came from the penguin coloring pages I give out at craft shows.  I cut the shape from some colorful two-sided card stock and got out the glue sticks, pens, gel pens, and even some paper punches.  I hope they make someone's day.

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