Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year, New Adventure

   Happy 2018, everyone!  It's a new year and a new chapter in my creative journey.  Thank you to all who have supported me thus far.  I'm hoping for great things in 2018 and am inviting you to join the ride.  One of the first things I like to do at the start of the year is change the banners on my websites and social media.  This year's banners were designed by fellow Etsy vendor, Winchester Lambourne.  (You can find their shop here:  They did a lovely job and I like how the watercolor texture matches the shamrock in my logo.  Whenever possible, I like to support fellow artists and small business owners.
   Another thing I've changed is my art portfolio site.  I had a site with Square Space and really didn't have any complaints about it except for the blogging feature wasn't what I was looking for.  So I've come back to my Blogger site and found a way to combine it with my portfolio which will also save some money.  As of today, this is the new and I hope you follow and check back from time to time.  You'll be able to see what I'm up to and maybe even find some projects to inspire you.

I started this dog painting several months ago, but had to put it on hold because of all my Christmas projects.  Now, being snowed in so much, I've had time to work on it and it's just about done and ready for some spring shows!

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