Sunday, May 22, 2016

Corry Area Arts Council Auxiliary Concert and Art Show

      Last night, I had the great opportunity to be a featured artist in the Corry Area Arts Council Auxiliary Concert and Art Show held at the First Presbyterian Church in Corry, Pennsylvania.  The evening began with a concert starring the womens' singing group, Ladies Choice.  They sang songs of faith and also a few Irish Airs.  (And you know how I love my Irish music!)
     Afterwards, the doors were opened to the art show.  I had set up the panels we use at the Artists' Guild and showed a mix of my older and newer work.  One painting was even finished the day before!  "Bright My Eyes Are" took about three months of hard work, but I wanted to pair it with a new painting I was working on so I painted my butt off for a month and was able to get "Lorcan" ready in time.  There were also some of my black and white photos, a newly framed series of flowers, some portrait paintings including two that hadn't been shown yet, a couple from my Celtic Inspired series, and a small collection of "Birds."
     It was a lovely evening and I'm grateful for the opportunity to show my work, all the nice people I got to talk to, and all the wonderful compliments.  Thank you to everyone who came out and to the Corry Arts Council Auxiliary for supporting local artists!
"Susanna"  My flowers were framed and matted by Sandy's Artworks in Meadville.  

Some of my "Birds."

   The other featured artist was a local woman named Dee Smith.  She had began wood turning in retirement and had a collection of wooden bowls and Christmas ornaments to show. 

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