Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Everything in Its Place

Works in progress.

My trusty studio assistant.
     So it's that time of year again.  It's our slow season at work which is good because I have plenty of time to paint and work on my own projects, but bad for my self esteem and my checking account.  Right now, I'm especially stressing trying to organize my websites.  It's tough having one foot in the art world and one in photography.  In fact, this past summer Ravenmaid Creative became an official business so now I have to consider branding, SEO, marketing, etc.   I just started a website to advertise my photography services.  My Facebook page was pretty much my photography website before that.

     Over at Square Space, I have my art website.  Like my new photography website, it has a built-in blog which I really like except that I don't think it's very visible (at least, not as visible as this one.)  I've been thinking about using this blog as a bridge between the two or a journal of sorts.   Do you think people will be confused with paintings and photography in the same spot?  Where do I put my other experiments that don't really fit in any category?  I like to get everything separated and put in its own little box, but I also desire unity.  Hence, the stress and hence the stress-reducing style of painting you see above.   We'll see how it goes, I suppose.  It's all part of the journey right?