Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to Ship a Coaster

We went out to dinner and I brought home this coaster in my fav color.
    One of the reasons I blog is, of course, to get my work out there.  What artist doesn't want their stuff to be seen?  Another is the possibly of inspiring others and making life more creative.  I see art everywhere.  Every surface is a canvas.  Every thing can be decorated.  This and that thing can be a sculpture or a project of some kind.  Then, I buy art books that give me even more ideas some of which I adapt, alter, and draw inspiration from.  So I just thought I'd share some of those ideas with you.  Join along if you want!
I decorated both sides in artwork.  I used supplies I had at hand and more I pulled 
from the trash.  Recycle!

 How to Ship a Coaster

1. Take yourself or your bestie out to dinner at a place classy enough to offer coasters. (Who doesn't need an excuse to go out?)

2. Use coaster and save it from the trash by taking it home.

3. Decorate said coaster.  (Have fun with it.  Maybe turn some more trash into treasure AND make someone's day.)

On the other side I affixed a piece of scrap paper with gel media.  A drawing
exercise I was working on focused on the repetition so I painted and drew 
circles and continued the circle motif.
 4.  Make sure to make the addresses easy to see and read.

5.  Affix the proper amount of postage and mail the thing!  Apparently, it can be done as two of my friends can attest.

Now I just need someone to send it to!