Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Conversation of Lines

     Hello, all.  Thanks for stopping by today.  I was scheduled off and it ended up being one of those days where I turn the radio up, grab a sweet drink, and have several projects going at once.  It's times like this that I feel like I'm closest to being in my element.  That element involving the smell of paint, battered brushes in paint-splattered cups and tins, charcoal on my fingers, and a beat up old palette that's seen better days.
    I'm still working out of the book Expressive Drawing.  If you're a drawer, it's a good one to pick up.  I've found it helpful in my attempt to loosen up and try something new.  Today, I made a series of drawings exploring line and direction and the effect it has on mood, etc.  These three drawings were all made with charcoal and white gesso on canvas paper.  They're simple, but I like the sense of depth cause by the layering and obliteration of the gesso.  I learned some things then that I think I can expand on and I think that's the point of it.

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