Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: LOTR Fan Art 2002

This drawing is based on a film photo (please don't sue me!)  I once stood in that same location on Mount Sunday over seven years ago!
     In honor of the new Hobbit movie coming out tomorrow, I've dug out some old drawings from the year The Two Towers came out.  That year, I did a bunch of pencil drawings trying to improve in dry media.  I'm trying to do something like that again, trying to discipline myself to draw more and get "back into shape" after doing very stylized work.  My work even today is very much influenced my LOTR artwork especially the artists and designers of WETA Ltd. in New Zealand.  Artists like Christian Rivers and Daniel Falconer had a significant influence on my style and are a big reason why I decided to study a semester in Wellington during college and why I work in pen and marker today.  (The sketch of Treebeard Mr. Falconer drew for me still hangs on my wall.  "Don't be hasty... Cassy!" it says.)

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