Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Horse 2002


It was Valentine’s Day 2002, when I drew this during my junior year of high school.  That year I spent a lot of time trying to get better at drawing in pencil.  (Me and dry media haven’t always gotten along.)  In my room, I sat at my desk for long hours drawing from photo references both personal and otherwise.  I like to think it made a difference especially in drawing human figures as I mostly depicted animals before.  The finished drawings were placed in a binder to catalog my progress.
That was in the old days… before I was a blogger.  Now, I not only have a website, a Facebook page, an Etsy shop, and Instagram, I have Tumblr.  On Tumblr, I started a daily drawing project which I intended to begin next year.  That would make it my second yearlong daily project, but why wait?  People seem to be enjoying my Bird series so far.  It’s based on an exercise in the book Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim.  So, through Instagram and Tumblr, hopefully it will obligate me to draw everyday and get “back in shape” (though drawing, my first art love, is hardly an obligation.)  

You can follow along at or see my drawings and much more at Instagram under ravenmaid1267.  

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