Monday, June 24, 2013

Salted Lilly Experiment

     This is a drawing on bristol board I used as a kind of template for a painting I did, hopefully, for a show.  I had it just sitting around for a while when I was flipping through a book on drawing exercises and realized it would fit one of the prompts for the most part.  At first, I considered painting in each area, but wasn't really in the mood for it so, with a set of watercolors, I pushed some paint around.  It was still boring, so I sprinkled some salt over it and got this cool effect. That was yesterday. Today, I tweaked it a bit in Elements. It's an experiment and nothing I'm super proud of, but it was fun anyway.

Also, when I'm not blogging, I have some of my other experiments and improvised art captured on Instagram.  Follow me at ravenmaid1267.  Thanks and have a great week!

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