Monday, May 6, 2013

Exploration: Translucent Objects

     I hope you all had a good weekend.  It was a hectic one for me.  Back to back jobs kept me busy and up late.  And what do I do when I get home?  Take more pictures!  This time with my own camera.  
     I have an assortment of art books full of different kinds of creative exercises and assignments from which I draw inspiration from from time to time.  I love these books so much, I buy them faster than I can complete all the prompts.  However, now I'm trying to crack down and see if I can't finish some before I let myself buy a new one.
    With that said, here's a photo of my latest experiment.  It deals with collecting objects based on how they reflect light.  These objects, with the exception of the candle and cork, are translucent and reflect light.  The beer bottle I collected on one of my walks, the beach glass from several beach hunting expeditions, and the wine glass and candle holder I collected from around the house.

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