Saturday, February 23, 2013

Meet Malachi

At one point, I started using Irish names for the titles.  This one of a
winged lion (a symbol of St. Mark) is called Malachi which means "my angel" or
"messenger of God."
     Hello, all.  I've been busy the last couple of days and had a few early mornings, but I still found some time here and there to work on some of my projects including my series of paintings (and sometimes drawings) inspired by the illustrations in the Book of Kells.
     The latest is my second on gessobord which I enjoy because of the lack of canvas texture when I scan them.  The problem is the board can be hard to draw on and even harder to erase so painting a design on them seems to require some preplanning so I first drew my design on a piece of Bristol board and transferred the design with transfer paper (found in art supply stores.)
     While I work on the painting a bit at a time, which can be quite labor-intensive, I've been also coloring in the template with my favorite brand of art marker.  I hope you like it.  Check out the series so far at

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