Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adventures of a School Photographer: Fall Sketches

     As a photographer who takes school portraits, I travel quite a bit.  It requires a lot of early mornings, long car rides, and heavy lifting.  Some days are sheer insanity with not even a chance to breathe and others crawl by at a snail's pace with sittings few and far between.  When there's a lag and nothing to do but wait, I'm known to get out my little sketchbook and do a bit of doodling.  Here's a couple examples from this past fall.
     The beautiful thing about sketching is it can be done just about everywhere.  I have several books stashed in different places ready to use whenever I have some time on my hands: in the car, in my work bag, in my purse, and at home.  While photography definitely requires the ability to "see," drawing really forces you to notice every detail.  If you don't see it, you can't draw it.  (Well, you could, but that's a whole other kind of art.)
     If you are a sketcher and you want to be a part of something pretty cool, check out The Sketchbook Project at  Basically, you fill out a sketchbook that  becomes part of a kind of sketchbook library where people from all over the country can check them out .  Pretty cool.

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