Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 279: Welcome to ALF!

      It's been over five years since I graduated from college and six since I've been to the Autumn Leaf Festival.  Thanks to a day off of work, I was able to get down there on the day before homecoming.  Much was familiar like the smell of the Fine Arts building and the sunflower wallpaper on the department chair's door and much was different like the new suite-style dorms and fancy new dining hall.  

     I just knew if the got the chance to make it back to my alma mater, I would have to make a project there so I walked to the far side of campus and took this photo of the bronze golden eagle statue in front of the gymnasium.  That was one of my missions for today.  The other mission was to get my hands on a "Poorman Caramel Apple" and if a waffle cone bowl with apple pieces, caramel, ice cream, chocolate shell, sprinkles, a cookie straw, and a cherry doesn't say "love" I don't know what does!


  1. doesn't cut it...awesome (1) :) So glad you were able to go!!! (The ice cream masterpiece is, indeed, love.)

  2. Just by reading about your ice cream I gained 5 pounds! ;-)
    But still sounds very yummy...