Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 252: Smashed Journal

       I don't know if you've noticed these in stores yet, but K&C Company (please don't sue me!) makes these SMASH! Journals that are pretty cool.  Each page or spread has a different design or pattern and you pretty much just glue, tape, or stick your ephemera in it: photos, ticket stubs, etc.
     I was eyeing them for a while before a friend got me one for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I let myself get behind a bit,  A few weeks ago, I printed out a batch of pictures and tried to play catch up.  Today, for my project, I took a page from March and added some newly bought stickers to it.  Yes, that's Rory again and no, I'm not a crazy cat lady.  I've got about 29 more cats to go, but hey, if you look close you'll notice these photos were taken the day we all made cranes inspired by Ellen's crane project as part of Inspired by a Friend's blog.  Remix!


  1. Fabulous cat pics for your journal especially the reaching up paws photo. I hope Rory didn't chew the crane?