Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 239: For Wyatt

     Earlier this summer in Erie, PA, a little kitten was tortured by a group of children.  They threw him into the air repeatedly and let him hit the ground.  Police eventually rescued the kitten and he was treated by vets, but his injuries were too much and the kitten, named Wyatt by his caretakers, died.  His death has sparked outrage on the local, national, and even international levels.  Since, there have been many working to raise awareness for animal cruelty.  You can get more info here at

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  1. My heart will always hurt and ache for Little Precious Angel Wyatt. My tears still stream down my face for little Wyatt. Even though I never knew Wyatt, I still have a very sensitive heart for all precious little Angels everywhere. My Prayers and hopes and wishes goes out to Wyatt and his loving family and I pray also that Wyatt gets his DUE JUSTICE and they jail those kids and their parents for all the wrong they did to Wyatt. This breaks my heart immensely to read what they had done to Wyatt.