Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 196: Big Daddy Weave Concert

      I just got back from The Unnamed Music Festival which is a Christian music festival currently being held in my hometown on the very football field I once marched around on in high school.  It was a great show and I couldn't wait to get home to show you today's project.  I just wrote the words on the back of a model release with a dry erase marker and Mike Weaver, the lead singer of the popular band Big Daddy Weave, was kind enough to let me take his picture holding it.  How cool is that?  He even signed the paper afterwards!  Yes, he's not only a great singer, but one of those guys who has time for fans afterwards.  People would come up to him backstage and he would take the time to pray with them, sign autographs, and just chat.  Thanks for helping me with my project today, Mike, and thanks for everyone who has supported my project so far this year!

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