Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 194: Phil's Painting

    After missing it for about three weeks in a row, today I was determined to make it to Artiegras a weekly artist bazaar about an hour and a half drive south of where I live.  Though a bit hot, it was nice to be around some fellow artists and have people to talk shop with.  There are many jewelry people there, but there are also some painters, too, like my friend Phil here.
     As long as I've been attending this event, he's had a painting he works on every week and for the last couple years, they've been collaborative.  Anyone who wants to can contribute a little something.  He started this one since I've been there last where the canvas has been divided up into squares and triangles.  Today, my project was my contribution.  You can see it above and also a bit more of the surrounding sections.   The picture to the left shows some Lube patrons taking their turn.

LOVE SOMEBODY!  Please support your local starving artists and crafters!  Consider buying handmade!

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