Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 170: Instructions Day

     First of all, I just wanted you all to know I just about had a heart attack during the making of this project.  I was flipping through my copy of 365: A Daily Creativity Journal when I caught sight of something just under the cover.  It was a really big spider who met his or her end when I grabbed my book or set it down in a pile beneath some other books.  But don't worry now, it's been taken care of.
     Anyway, today's mission was to make something out of instructions you didn't mean to, use materials other than the ones called for, or you can make something out of the instructions themselves which is what I did.  In the back of aforementioned book, there are quilling instructions.  I decided right away quilling was not for me and cut up the instructions into strips and arranged them on the non-spidery back cover.

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