Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 118: Wood Day

    The book says to make something with wood today so I decided to try using the precut shapes they have in arts and crafts stores.  They seem to be mainly for those college fraternity/ sorority paddles, etc., but I thought they would be great for my project, too.  Turns out, they're muy expensive, but you're worth it.
     First, I arranged the words on the frame.  It was fairly easy to glue on the letters, but hard to get them exactly in the right place!  The dark inner frame is magnetic so you can easily change the photo.  (You know those standard stock photos they usually put in frames?  Yeah, this totally didn't have one of those, but a picture apparently cut from a magazine with rough edges and everything.  I kid you not.)  Finally, I popped in a sepia wallet photo of my own and it's all done.

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