Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 105: Optical Illusion Day

     I hope everyone's having a nice weekend.  Thank you for checking in today!  Today, I'm supposed to make something impossible... okay maybe just an optical illusion.  This prompt reminded me of when we learned about simultaneous contrast in college.  The basic idea is that colors appear differently when placed beside other colors.  If you look at my example, the green text in the blue area should look cooler than the green text in the orange area even though they're the exact same green.  Did it fool you?  Either way, I hope you learned something!

1 comment:

  1. Today, I came across your blog via your Drake Designs website via the Electra bikes post about your "girl meets bicycle" paper cutout. I'm a girl in love with bicycles, too. I looked at every post of yours to date (kind of icky weather today and I'm procrastinating on cleaning my house). I especially enjoyed your comment about beach glass! I've been bitten by the "make something 365" concept and am considering doing it. I'm NOT an artist AT ALL, so I will have a loose definition of how I am being creative. Mine will be about bicycles. :) Keep it going - I look forward to reading more.