Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 100: What to Do with Old T-Shirts Day

     I can't believe it's Day 100!  This year is going by so fast.  Today, I had to figure out what I could make using old t-shirts.  I've had this pillow idea for a while and recycling old shirts to make a cover seemed like a cool idea.  So I hunted down some instructions online... should be pretty simple right?  Yeah, maybe, except I'm no seamstress and the sewing machine and I don't exactly get along.  I used to know how to thread it, lock the stitches, and whatnot back in the days of Home Ec. and Sewing Club.  That's right... sewing club.  Now, I have to go at snail's pace and have my mother help me especially when I manage to get the whole thing knotted and she has to spend forever trying to figure out fix the thingamabob that came out its whatchmacallit.   In the end, I managed to get the cover done and stuff the pillow in it.  It's a little big, but it works.  Finally, I had to print a template, trace, and paint on the design.  I hope you enjoy!

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