Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 73: Rock, Sand, and Gravel Day

   Today's artistic adventure takes us across the lake.  The book says to work with rocks, sand, and gravel near my home and my home just happens to be next to a lake.  On the other side of that lake are some beaches, one free and one not so free.  In the "free" area, there's a hint of a beach that is gravely and somewhat sandy where I wrote my message.  It's not as romantic as the sand on the state park beaches up north where I hope to do a day's project later on, but at this time of the year, I'm happy just to be about to see the ground.  It has been a warm and beautiful day and I hope it was just as nice wherever you are.  I saw people out walking.  At this beach, there were ducks, a man, and a toddler.  I wonder if they read the message or wondered what a girl was doing taking pictures of gravel.  Part of being an artist, is getting those kinds of looks, I guess.  Thanks for checking in today especially to my fellow 365ers out there.

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