Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 66: Art at the Grocery Store

     Today's mission was to find something to work with at the grocery store and there's extra credit if you actually make it at the store... and I did.  It began with a stroll around the store, through the cafe, and through the fresh fruits and produce.  Nothing jumped out at me.  That's when I headed to the candy aisle.  You know, one with those containers with scoops?  I was able to fish out the letters I needed (with some extra for the ride home.)  After checking out, I headed to the cafe and a sunlit table.  The cafe was otherwise empty except for a young couple working on laptops and maybe one other person.  As I arranged the gummies and pulled out the point-and-shoot camera from my purse, I wondered if they would notice.  Most people look at you funny when you're taking pictures of your candy at the store.  Maybe they were art majors...

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