Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 59: Mix and Match

     My whole room smells overwhelmingly like fresh linen.  I have one of those porcelain thingys with a light bulb that you melt fragrant wax in and I put a whoooooole tray of blue linen-scented cubes in the dish today... all for the sake of art.  I needed to work with two things that usually don't go together.  Ok, I had this craft box lid and these little silver letter beads I've been saving for just such an occasion.  I needed to put them in something... wax!  I melted the blue wax in my little green dish.  Figuring I could pour the wax into this lid and embed the letters, I thought, why not add some beachglass, too?
     As soon as the wax was completely melted and my room smelled like a candle factory, I poured the wax into the lid and threw in some gauze just because I could.  As I moved the letters into place with a mechanical pencil lead stuck way out, I realized something.  Apparently I overdid it on the wax a tad and the letters became submerged so I took a picture before the wax cooled and you couldn't read it anymore.  I hope you enjoy my little experiment!

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