Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57: All Those Plastic Bags

     If you're like most of us, you have a whole bunch of plastic shopping bags collecting somewhere.  Maybe you recycle them when you go back to the store.  Maybe you use them for trash bags or maybe you trained yourself to carry one of those reusable fabric shopping bags.  Me?  I'm in transition.  I try my darndest to remember to put my bags back in the car, but now and again I have to take my purchases home in a plastic unearthfriendly bag.  Some of those bags were used to make today's project.  The book says to use disposable plastic bags today so I searched online for some cool things I could make.  
     One of the big things now is plarn, as in cutting bags into strips and crocheting or knitting bags and stuff.  Unfortunately, me and crocheting don't exactly get along.  In fact, I'm known for my "two-handed" technique.  Nevertheless, I know my way around a glue stick.  I cut out letters and a smiley face out of a couple bags.  (Good thing we got Chinese last night!)  Then, I cut one inch squares from several others and glued everything onto a piece of watercolor paper.  I liked the transparency of the plastic, the way I could layer them, and the pattern they made.  

    If you want to see some other cool things you can make with disposable plastic bags, check out my friend's page at  She goes by Joy and makes a mean beach bag... all out of plastic bags.  She also makes these cool fishes, too.  

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