Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 51: Linocut Prints

     Once upon a time, last year in fact, I carved this block thinking I'd do this series of projects based on a particular them and post them to a blog.  Little did I know, I'd soon find a book that would inspire me to do it not just few weeks, but every day for a year (God willing.)
     Today, I pulled that block out of my little collection of printmaking supplies and hand-pulled some prints for today's post.  Maybe you remember doing block prints in junior high?  It was a year or so ago that I got back into it thinking linocut printing would complement my black and white ink drawings pretty well, but mostly I've been doing text and some basic graphics.  Also, it's been a little tough doing these prints and being a perfectionist!  I want to get rid of all the extra marks and sometimes even the splotches.  Oh well.  I'm starting to think that's just how it works.

LOVE SOMEBODY!  Just give someone a hug just because.

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