Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49: Lots of Beachglass

     Work with lots of something today.  Well, thanks to hours and hours spent pawing through gravel up at the lake, I have lots and lots of beachglass.  (That's broken bits of glass bottles, etc. churned and buffed by the waves for decades and washed up on shore for the uninformed.)  Brown pieces like these are one of the most common colors one can find and were probably beer bottles once.  I like to think they came from sunken pirate ships lost somewhere in the depths of the Great Lakes, but odds are they are leftovers from the olden days when one could paddle out and dump their garbage in the lake.  The moral of the story is, first, love one another and don't trash our lakes and oceans even if something good can come out of it.  Second, if you find yourself in a difficult period in your life, perhaps it's God's way of smoothing out your rough edges and making you more beautiful.

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