Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 35: How to be a Blanket Ninja

     Today, the book (a.k.a. 365: A Daily Creativity Journal) says to create instructions others can follow and  I decided to share how I make no-sew fleece blankets.  This blanket is inspired by a blanket I once received  in college for a gift, a gift I still use and enjoy.  Follow these instructions and you, too, can be a blanket ninja.

    STEP 1:  Buy some colorful fleece fabric and some fabric paint.
    STEP 2:  Arrange pieces of fabric on top of each other and line up corners.
    STEP 3:  Trim any excess so they're exactly even.
    STEP 4:  Use scraps to make awesome ninja headband for yourself!        

     STEP 5:  Cut a square off of each corner.
     STEP 6:  Cut strips and tie together.

   STEP 7: Cut even strips along all sides and tie together.  (I used this
                 pad of sticky notes as a reference so I didn't have to mark
                 the fabric.

    STEP 8:  Decorate with 3D fabric paint!

  STEP 9: LOVE SOMEBODY!  Donate blanket to nursing home or 
homeless shelter.

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