Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17: Over an Eye

     One of the main purposes of this blog originally was to show you can be creative pretty much everywhere and with common and not so common materials.  Growing up, I remember a lot of my teachers saying I was "creative." It was a while before I really knew what that meant, but I loved to draw, paint, and decorate just about anything.  I loved craft projects and making stuff out of other stuff.
     I'm saying this because you're probably looking at today's L.O.A. project and thinking, "What the heck?"  Well, first off the prompt from 365: A Daily Creativity Journal (available now) says to make something that goes over an eye or is inspired by something that does.  I got these 3D glasses one night at the theater with some friends.  Second, it's an excuse to buy fun stickers and decorate something.

LOVE SOMEBODY!  Look for collection boxes at your local eye care center/place/thing and recycle your old glasses by sending them to people who desperately need them.  Sometimes, they go overseas to people who could never afford them and it changes their whole lives by enabling them to see and work again.

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