Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 29: ATC

     What to do, what to do... how about an ATC?   ATC stands for (education time!) artist trading card.  They're little pieces of art that can be in any medium and traded among artists.  The only rule is that they must be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches so they can fit in standard plastic sleeves.  ATCs are great for experimenting with different techniques, color schemes, and papers.  You can even find different papers precut in little packets in arts and crafts stores now.  There are also books, exhibitions, organized swaps, and workshops all about artist trading cards.  If you make one, decide it's pretty awesome, and put it up for sale, it becomes known as an ACEO or art card editions and originals.
   Today, I found a packet of illustration board ATC paper in a drawer.  I took some ink pads (I don't use enough) and stamped directly on the card.  Then, I used a gift card to draw some straight lines... because I could!  Look how it bleeds where it goes over the rose ink.  Next, I added some sparkly letters and some words from a mixed media kit.  Finally, I covered it all with transparent tape.  Since this is an ATC and not an ACEO, I'm offering it for a trade or for free to whoever posts my first comment and privately sends me a mailing address.  Have an awesome week!

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