Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 31: Organized Chaos, an Art Journal

     Happy Tuesday, all!  Thanks for reading today.  Today, I didn't exactly follow any prompt, but thought I'd have a little fun.  I had a bunch of these sketchbooks and journals I had bound and decided to use one to start an art journal where I could play around and experiment a little.  This journal is made with watercolor paper and covered by a postcard printed with my drawing "Intercession."  You can see it on my website  Anywho,  I got out my concentrated watercolors and went to town.  First, I put down a wash and when that dried, went crazy with a dots stamp.  That's the great thing about art journals: they don't have to be masterpieces and they can be very therapeutic.  You are free to be yourself and express all your thoughts and emotions.  You can also take out your frustration by using a bottle of acrylic as a stamp and taking it out on a journal page.  The moral of the story is finding a good creative outlet can really help deal with certain things.  If nothing else, you can just have fun playing with colors and textures.  

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