Saturday, February 19, 2011

Print Project: Claddagh Print

Hi there... been a while. So what I've been working on lately is a block printing project. Some time ago, I picked up the Speedball block printing kit I've had my eye on. Now, I've finally gotten around to working with it. To fit the theme of my etsy shop, I've been working on a claddagh print.

Here is the original design on paper. First drawn in pencil and then in pen, the design originally had three Irish words within the heart. According to the translators I've used, they mean love, loyalty, and friendship.

Then, the image was transfered onto the block. I left out the words because I tried to do them on the first block but 1) I wasn't able to carve the letters clearly at that size and 2) I forgot to reverse them so when I made the print, the words were backwards. Whoops.

Next, I carved the image with my little red carving doohicky. I didn't stab myself in the thumb this time.

Finally, I loaded the brayer and here's what happened. It still needs some work, but I think I'm finally getting somewhere.

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